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Pierce Bio.png
Class: Thief
Starting HP: 220
Starting STR: 45
Starting MAG: 30
Starting DEF: 45

Pierce is one of the Characters in the game The Metronomicon. He is a Thief.

Pierce joins the party after the boss of The Haunted Kingdom is beaten, at level 19.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

As befits his nature as a thief, Pierce has abilities geared towards increasing loot and loot drop chance, making him an almost ubiquitous choice while taking on sidequests and missions requiring a specific amount of Loot to be stolen.

For actual use, however, Pierce is rather niche. Firewater takes a while to actually damage the enemy; Dive does have a chance of failing to deal damage, Reversal is hard to use effectively most of the time (but pairs well with Bouncy Bodypaint), and Shakedown isn't useful in the endgame once all items are obtained. Even still, abilities like Backstab are effective, especially if they lead off into other abilities like Bloodhound - the spike damage is a bonus.

Primary abilities[edit | edit source]

The listed strength of the ability is taken when the ability is placed into the lowest slot.

Icon Name Unlocked at Level Description Type
Thief Mug.png Mug 1 Deal a Medium physical attack and STEAL additional elemental crystals.
  • Earth
  • Strength
Thief Backstab.png Backstab 1 Inflict a super potent BLEED, with an additional 60% chance to do Medium spike damage.
  • Physical
  • Strength
Thief Dive.png Dive 25 Leap into the air, with a 60% chance to cause Major physical damage.
  • Physical
  • Strength
Thief Shakedown.png Shakedown 30 Intimidate one enemy, increasing the chance that it will drop rare equipment on death.
  • Fire
  • Strength
Thief Firewater.png Firewater 33 Pound a quick drink to self-cast HASTE, and deal Medium damage on one enemy.
  • Fire
  • Strength
Thief Reversal.png Reversal 36 Take revenge by dealing Light damage, increasing with each debuff applied to the party.
  • Lightning
  • Strength

Secondary ability[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Unlocked at Level Description Type Requirements
Thief PickPocket.png Pick Pocket 1 Occasionally steal additional Elemental Crystals from the enemy
  • Water
  • Strength
Requires 50 Beats
Thief Motherlode.png Motherlode 40 Proc stacks of Motherlode, which progressively increase the drop-rate of treasure by 10%.
  • Earth
  • Strength
Requires 80 Consecutive Beats

Passive ability[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
TreasureHunter.png Treasure Hunter All party members do .05% more damage for each crystal dropped.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pierce is voiced by David Autovino.

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