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Cheat Codes

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The following is a list of revealed Cheat Codes that can be used in The Metronomicon.

To use any cheat codes, go to the main menu (with some notable exceptions designated below) and type in the code; to disable the code, type it again.

List of known codes[edit | edit source]

Name Effect Entered At PC PS4 Xbox One
No Fail In Freeplay mode, if you run out of health, you won't fail the song. Start Menu NOFAIL Ps4L1.png Ps4Square.png Ps4L1.png Ps4Square.png Ps4R1.png XboxLB.png XboxX.png XboxLB.png XboxX.png XboxRB.png
Party Time Unlocks all songs, abilities and characters in Freeplay mode. (Except Flavius!) Start Menu PARTYTIME Ps4Square.png Ps4Circle.png Ps4Square.png Ps4Square.png Ps4Circle.png Ps4Cross.png XboxX.png XboxB.png XboxX.png XboxX.png XboxB.png XboxA.png
Big Head Mode Enlarges the heads of all the characters. Start Menu NOGGINS Ps4Circle.png Ps4Circle.png Ps4Circle.png Ps4LeftStick.png Ps4RightStick.png XboxB.png XboxB.png XboxB.png XboxLPress.png XboxRPress.png
Ziptune Makes all songs run at 130% speed. Chipmunk Mode!! Start Menu ZIPTUNE Ps4TouchPad.png Ps4TouchPad.png Ps4Circle.png Ps4Square.png Ps4Circle.png XboxView.png XboxView.png XboxB.png XboxX.png XboxB.png
Mouth Fart Mode Blarg boop booty bleh butt bum blah boogers fart. Start Menu IDFART Ps4Square.png Ps4Square.png Ps4Square.png Ps4Circle.png Ps4Circle.png Ps4RightStick.png XboxX.png XboxX.png XboxX.png XboxB.png XboxB.png XboxRPress.png
Harder Enemies Sets the level of all enemies to party average + 2. Replay levels in Story Mode with added challenge! Start Menu WHIRLINGMCGOO Ps4L1.png Ps4R1.png Ps4Square.png Ps4Circle.png Ps4R1.png XboxLB.png XboxRB.png XboxX.png XboxB.png XboxRB.png
No Pee Breaks A full, uninterrupted 50-song playlist of all the base game songs in a row. Holy mother of song overload!
  • Enemy level is party average + 1.
  • DO NOT PAUSE AT ANY POINT to unlock the achievement No Pee Breaks.
Teleport Menu NOPEEBREAKS Ps4TouchPad.png Ps4TouchPad.png Ps4TouchPad.png Ps4TouchPad.png Ps4L1.png XboxView.png XboxView.png XboxView.png XboxView.png XboxB.png
Boss Rush All the 5 boss songs in order in a row. That's like one-tenth of No Pee Breaks!
  • Enemy level is party average + 1.
Teleport Menu THERUSH Ps4L1.png Ps4Square.png Ps4L1.png Ps4Square.png Ps4Circle.png XboxLB.png XboxX.png XboxLB.png XboxX.png XboxB.png
Gotta Go Fast Similar to "No Pee Breaks", but beating a boss immediately moves the song to the next level. Oh, and you HAVE to kill the minibosses in order not to fail.
  • Scoreboard is speed, rather than score based.
  • Enemy level is party average.
Teleport Menu GOTTAGOFAST Ps4Square.png Ps4Square.png Ps4Triangle.png Ps4Triangle.png Ps4R1.png XboxX.png XboxX.png XboxY.png XboxY.png XboxRB.png
Seeded Speedrun Similar to "Gotta Go Fast", but generates a ten song playlist.
  • The latter four buttons entered, whatever they are, determine the playlist. They can be anything, not asterisks.
  • The playlist will be the same between the two consoles, but different on PC.
Teleport Menu SEED**** Ps4L1.png Ps4Square.png Ps4L1.png Ps4Triangle.png * * * * XboxLB.png XboxX.png XboxLB.png XboxY.png * * * *

Removed Codes[edit | edit source]

  • THEHUSTLE - Speeds up note scrolling.
  • SLOWJAMZ - Slows down note scrolling
    • A slider for note scroll speed has since been added, making these cheats unnecessary.

Currently known bugs[edit | edit source]

  • For Seeded Speedrun, if the last letter of the 4-button code matches up with the last letter of any of the other cheat codes, the cheat code will not work.
    • E.G. Because NOPEEBREAKS ends in an S, seeds like ASSS will not work.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • IDFART is a reference to DOOM's cheat code style, where most codes are prefixed with an "id". (It also coincidentally sounds like "I'd fart".)
  • WHIRLINGMCGOO? Well...go rewatch the cutscene where Sara and Ralf first appear.
  • GOTTAGOFAST is a direct reference and homage to Sonic the Hedgehog.