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The following is a list of revealed Cheat Codes that can be used in The Metronomicon.

To use any cheat codes, go to the main menu and type in the code; to disable the code, type it again.

List of known codes[edit | edit source]

  • NOFAIL - In Freeplay mode, if you run out of health, you won't fail the song.
  • PARTYTIME - Unlocks all songs, abilities and characters in Freeplay mode. Yes, it's useless if you've unlocked everything already, haha!
  • NOGGINS - Enlarges the heads of all the characters.
  • ZIPTUNE - Makes all songs run at 130% speed. Chipmunk Mode!!
  • NOPEEBREAKS - A full, uninterrupted 50-song playlist of all the base game songs in a row. Holy mother of song overload!
    • Enemy level is party average + 1.
    • DO NOT PAUSE AT ANY POINT to unlock the achievement No Pee Breaks
  • THERUSH - All the 5 boss songs in order in a row. That's like one-tenth of No Pee Breaks!
    • Enemy level is party average + 1.
  • GOTTAGOFAST - Similar to NOPEEBREAKS, but beating a boss immediately moves the song to the next level. Oh, and you HAVE to kill the minibosses in order not to fail.
    • Scoreboard is speed, rather than score based.
    • Enemy level is party average.
  • IDFART - Blarg boop booty bleh butt bum blah boogers fart.
  • WHIRLINGMCGOO - Sets the level of all enemies to party average + 2. Replay levels in Story Mode with added challenge!

Removed Codes[edit | edit source]

  • THEHUSTLE - Speeds up note scrolling.
  • SLOWJAMZ - Slows down note scrolling
    • A slider for note scroll speed has since been added, making these cheats unnecessary.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • IDFART is a reference to DOOM's cheat code style, where most codes are prefixed with an "id". (It also coincidentally sounds like "I'd fart".)
  • WHIRLINGMCGOO? Well...go rewatch the cutscene where Sara and Ralf first appear.
  • GOTTAGOFAST is a direct reference and homage to Sonic the Hedgehog.